Yarn Crawls and Thoughts Thereof


So this weekend, thanks to my lovely friend G, I have completed my very first yarn crawl. For those who haven’t been on one before, yarn crawls are a way for fiber enthusiasts to take a self-guided tour of local and semi local purveyors of fiber-y goodness.  There are passports that you take and get stamped at each participating shop,so that you can be entered for drawings, get cool patterns (knitting and/or crochet, though I have heard of weaving patterns in some areas), and there is also a prize for finishing; this year it was a knitting needle gauge with five inch ruler.

We went on the Fall PNW Yarn Crawl; this year’s theme was “Yarnia” Most of the shops had something to tie in the theme; our last stop had a needle felted Mr. Tumnus in the  window display.  Another two featured Narnia inspired patterns.  Several had Turkish Delight for people to sample.  At one shop, the commemorative stitch markers were Narnia themed or Dala horses.

The wonderful thing about yarn stores is that they are all individual.  Some yarns and notions at can be purchased at big box stores and there are some large fiber/textile places online, but, by and large, yarn stores are an independent lot.  That was my favorite part; seeing each store and how it differed from the others.

One place was on a farm where my daughter, Miss M, got to feed alpacas and chickens.IMG_20170930_095128413_HDR (2) According to her, the best part of the entire trip was lunch at Wendy’s; I do wonder about my children at times.  She did concede that feeding the chickens and alpacas was also fun. With the exception of some of the big name yarn companies, there was very little overlap in the stock at each place.  One place had a wonderful lot of books and magazines as well as a fiber corner.  Another had a cute display of rain-boots with knitted boot toppers. IMG_20170930_114538913 (2) Still another had my favorite brand of linen weaving thread (Normandy linen in 20/2); this brand is my favorite because it comes in cones which set on the ground for easier measuring of warp. One place even had my dream spinning wheel, Kromski Minstrel. IMG_20170930_160330092 It belongs to one of the spinning instructors; some day I will get one of my very own.

And yes, I ended up with more than a Dala horse stitch marker.  Found some lovely variegated green yarn for a  hat requested by eldest child, J; fulfilled a years long desire to purchase some yarn by Jorstad Creek (Isle of Skye in Delta Blue) that will become a hat for my grandmother and a few other things that decided they needed to be purchased and live in my stash.

In conclusion, if you haven’t been on a fiber crawl and have the opportunity, go!  Don’t worry if you can’t finish it.  Let it open your horizons to the fiber-y goodness available and support small business at the same time!

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